Perfect Sense
Current Plans, Hong Kong, 402 days ago

Do Not Disturb
우원재, 1009 days ago

Cold Hands, Warm Heart
Bedroom, Hong Kong, 1392 days ago

Seoul Botanic Park, Korea, 1492 days ago

Commissioned by: sketchedSPACE

PKM Gallery, Korea, 1502 days ago

Presented by: zzz
Commissioned by: sketchedSPACE

Helena Hauff, 1532 days ago

Commissioned by: Ninja Tune

Phase Space₃₆₀
MMCA Seoul, Korea, 1535 days ago

Exhibition: Vertiginous Data
Curated by: Deoksun Park
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul

Phase Space
Zer01ne, Korea, 1686 days ago

Lume (Auto)
SeMA Bunker, Korea, 1867 days ago

Exhibition: Instructions for the Audience
Curated by: Jimin Lee
Seoul Museum of Art

Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Taiwan, 2225 days ago

Exhibition: Shattered Sanctity
Curated by: Nicole Lai

Lume (Auto)
Museum of London, UK, 2406 days ago

MMCA Changdong, Korea, 2560 days ago

Exhibition: Unlimited Limitation
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Changdong Residency, Korea

Lume (Auto)
Pier-2 Arts Center, Taiwan, 2788 days ago

HKG Transit
Videotage, Hong Kong, 2988 days ago

Drew Lustman, 2996 days ago

Wontonmeen, Hong Kong, 3004 days ago

In the Wild
FaltyDL, 3294 days ago

Commissioned by: Ninjatune

Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, UK, 3309 days ago

Victoria & Albert Museum, UK, 3533 days ago

Infra Book, 3785 days ago

Infra, 3813 days ago

Athens Video Art Festival, Greece, 3163 days ago
video_dumbo, Eyebeam, USA, 3669 days ago
FutureEverything, UK, 3723 days ago
18 Hewett St Gallery, UK, 3790 days ago

Look at Yourself
Synkro, 4405 days ago

Stampede Me
Daedelus, 4789 days ago

RGB Road, 5460 days ago