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Video for Stampede Me from the EP Righteous Fists of Harmony by Daedelus.

Developed from Chroma-Lapse, a video that takes on the themes of The Boxer Rebellion in modern day Britain.

Music by Daedelus
Released by Brainfeeder
Mask by Will Flawn
Starring Geoff Cox

Press Release:
In this release for Flying Lotus’ up-and-coming label Brainfeeder, Daedelus presents a soundtrack-of-sorts to the Boxer Rebellion. What, you ask, could make such ancient history an inspiration for modern electronics? Well, Daedelus has found a strange relevance to our modern malady in these epic events of long ago…

After seventy years of China’s opium-related subjugation by Queen Victoria and her allies, a force of resistance fighters — termed “Boxers” by the British — rose to the challenge in 1898. Calling themselves “The Righteous Fists of Harmony,” this secret society of martial artists felt they held magical powers: they believed themselves bulletproof, able to fly, and capable of raising the dead (who would then fight alongside them). And so began the brief Boxer Rebellion; three years later 100,000 Boxers had fallen, their magic helpless against the cutting-edge machinery of war. The British prevailed only to face ultimate defeat, as their empire rapidly declined.

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