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Exhibitions: [map]
2014: INFRA, Athens Video Art Festival [GR]
2014: Spectra.002-005, Protein [UK]

2014: In The Wild, #dotdotdot, BL_NK [UK]
2014: Spectra.001, Centre For Chinese Contemporary Art [UK]
2013: Rastrum, Victoria & Albert Museum [UK]
2013: INFRA, video_dumbo, Eyebeam Art + Technology Centre [USA]
2013: INFRA (Solo Show), Future Everything [UK]
2013: INFRA (Solo Show), 18 Hewett St Gallery [UK]
2012: Lume, Hotel Elephant [UK]
2012: Stampede Me, London Short Film Festival [UK]
2011: Performance, Free for Arts Festival [UK]
2011: Look at Yourself, BBC Music Video Festival [UK]
2011: Stampede Me, Open, New Gallery, London [UK]
2011: Lume, London College of Communication [UK]
2008: Chroma-Lapse, Stockport College [UK]

2014: Spectras [4 available]
2013: Infra Book [0/25 available]